Time Medical India

  • Unique Simultaneous Multi-Axial Movement
  • Effortless Fingertip Control
  • Outstanding Image Quality
  • Ceiling Suspended Tube Gantry
  • Artificial Intelligence Diagnostic Tools for Tuberculosis

Rora 3000/3100 ceiling suspension DR system features the latest full size Cesium Iodide Flat Panel Detector and advanced modular components suitable for all X-Ray applications and workload requirements. The large capacity (and high-quality) tube ensures minimal X-ray exposure, high load operation, and excellent image quality. The gantry also allows full rotation angle to capture the images for various parts of the body as well as tilted projections for different clinical applications.

Disclaimer: Rora 3000/3100 ceiling suspension DR system has not obtained FDA 510(k) pre-marketing clearance and are not available for commercial sale within the US. Time Medical reserves the right to change the dimension, appearance and produce code (specifications). Product availability in all markets is subject to local regulatory approvals.

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