Time Medical India

About Us

Time Medical (TM) is a leader in the medical diagnostic imaging industry with innovative and disruptive technologies. We research, develop, design, and manufacture advanced medical imaging systems including MRI, DR, and CT, as well as cost-effective solutions for emerging global healthcare needs. The founding team, led by Prof. QY Ma, hails from leading universities such as Columbia University, Harvard Medical School, and the University of Hong Kong, as well as multinational corporations. The management team has rich expert knowledge and experience in product engineering, development, sales, marketing, and professional services.

TM is the world leader in developing dedicated MRI systems for niche markets of the neonate, breast, and brain imaging. It has developed the world’s first Neonatal MRI – NEONA, which won the award of Prix de l’Éstat de Genève at the 2016 Geneva Invention Convention. Working with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, TM has developed the dedicated Abbreviated Breast MRI (ABMR) system for precise breast cancer screening. Besides these, TM has also developed ultra-high field 7T – 9.4 T (tesla) Biomed MR systems for use in biomedical research, neurological research, and preclinical trials in pharmaceutical R&D.

TM’s cost-effective PICA series open MRI systems and RORA series DR systems have been operating in many countries including the US, China, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Argentina, South Africa, and Mozambique. TM is currently developing AI (artificial intelligence) based DR systems and mobile imaging systems with a tele-imaging (TeleRadiology) platform. These products, linked with the tele-imaging network to the leading radiologists from the US and China, aim at the fast-growing markets in developing countries. TM is determined to provide Advanced, Affordable, and Accessible (3A) medical imaging service to over 4 billion population that currently has no diagnostic imaging service.

TM has R&D and sales/marketing centers in Mainland China, the US, and Hong Kong. It has also established major production facilities in China.