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  • Whole-Body MRI
  • 1.5T
  • One-Button Scan for Simple Workflow
  • 15 mins Optimized Protocols

EMMA – The 1.5T Whole Body MRI System which has been approved by FDA, comes with zero boil-off superconducting magnet which does not require regular refill of liquid helium. The wide range of clinical applications allows professionals to perform all types of scans (ranging from knee, spine, ankle, vascular, head, shoulder, abdomen, wrist etc.) to patients from routine pulse sequences to advanced clinical diagnosis.

The integration of our Prodiva Platform allows simple workflow with consistent great image quality resulting in higher patient throughput and productivity.We cares about the customer experience during the scanning process –  our EMMA features feet-first entry, noise-reduction and optimal protocol to provide a shorter, quieter and more comfortable scanning experience.

Features Overview

Strong Gradient

Gradient strength: 44mT/m
Slew rate: 275T/m/s
It helps our system reach new heights in productivity, reliability, and patient comfort.

15-Minutes Optimized Protocols

In collaboration with Dr. Christopher Comstock, Head Radiologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre USA, the scan time protocols have been significantly reduced from the standard 45 to 15 minutes.

Zero Boil-Off Magnet

Near absolute zero helium lost, without the need for a continuous supply of liquid helium.

One-Button Scan

Galen’s one-button scan combines with Galen’s optimal protocol offers a simple, user-friendly, and efficient workflow.

DICOM Images

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