July 27, 2020 — Time Medical announced a new pet-specific magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) product, the Panion 0.3T, at the online event of the “East and West Small Animal Veterinary Conference”. The conference is considered to be the largest veterinary clinical exhibition in China.

Veterinarians and audiences were enthusiastic about the new product launch. There are nearly 20,000 pet hospitals across the country. With more than 13,000 people attended the new product launch exceeds the expectations. It showcases that the level of acceptance and attention for pet-specific MRI products in the clinical veterinary industry has greatly increased. Audiences were highly interested in the product’s characteristics such as performance, price, training and services, and most of them exchanged contacts with Time Medical’s staff for further communications. At the “Questions to Audiences” session, 6 veterinarians answered correctly and won in each lot. In addition, a final winner veterinarian invited 432 friends to participate in the new product launch event.

The launch event was held in the form of broadcasting. Mr. Zhao Daqing, Director of Pet Imaging division of Time Medical, first introduced Time Medical to audiences. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Time Medical is an innovative company which provides advanced medical imaging technologies and equipment. Time Medical offers pet-specific MR and CT equipment for the clinical veterinary industry. The company’s pet imaging division was established in 2016 to specifically address the needs of the industry. Among the 28 pet MRIs that had been installed in China in 2019, 9 of which were from the Time Medical brand, equivalent to a 1-out-of-3 ratio. Currently, there are more than 100 MRIs installed in pet hospitals in

China, in which Time Medical occupies about 30% of them, ranking the first in the industry. The newly launched product offers advantages such as small footprint, high performance, and comes with a flexible financing plan, all of which are expected to help pet hospitals to start business rapidly.

Time Medical also played the company’s documentary video at the launch event, giving audiences a comprehensive overview of Time Medical’s global planning and its differential product strategy.

The audiences are introduced with the details related to the newly launched product, the Panion 0.3T MRI system. Areas such as product configurations, image quality, product footprint, indication for use, and safety precautions were discussed. Participating veterinarians said that they were presented with a lot of useful information, while some even discussed with staff on extensive details such as pricing and delivery right away.

In addition, a series of clinical images were shared with audiences. The images showed clearly where the diseases concerning the brain, spine are located, and the corresponding medication and surgical procedures required were discussed. Pet MRI images provide accurate location information on diseases, which can help veterinarians carry out sophisticated operations.

The launch event ended successfully, with some veterinarians shared their insights in the pet MRI industry:

“Current development trend of pet MRI is very similar to that of the pet DR market years ago. The initial cost for equipment investment was high, making people hesitated, waited, and observed. The pioneers who took the lead were able to enjoy the early fruitful results, while also becoming the benchmark for the market. The market then rode on these benchmarks to continue to explode. Let’s hope the pet MRI market to popularize and bring more pets in critical conditions to recoveries.”