China, June 15, 2018 – Time Medical Systems has recently been awarded two core innovation patents: an ultra-high-field superconducting magnet used in whole body MRI imaging, and an ultra-high-field superconducting magnet with high homogeneity used for MRI imaging of small animals. The patents awarded include multiple core techniques on the design and manufacture of 4.7T-or-above ultra-high-field superconducting magnet.

The manufacturing of ultra-high-field superconducting magnet involves techniques from a number of scientific areas including vacuum, thermology, mechanics, electromagnetism, mechanical engineering, large equipment manufacturing and fine machining. The level of difficulty is second only to manufacturing of engines of large aircrafts. At present, only two international corporations can manage all techniques on ultra-high-field superconducting magnets for MRI imaging. The details of design method and manufacturing process have always been highly confidential.

Time Medical continues to devote itself to the development of superconducting magnet for many years. During the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, Time Medical involved in the national superconducting magnet major project; in 2016, Time Medical designed and successfully manufactured the first 7T superconducting magnet product in Asia; in 2017, the company further overcame difficulties in 9T cryogen-free superconducting magnet. All key components of the 7T superconducting magnet and the 9T cryogen-free superconducting magnet are developed by Time Medical and are designed independently and manufactured in China. The performances of the magnets match with international leading standards, and in some aspects even exceed those developed by international competitors. In 2018 Time Medical’s 7T veterinary MRI system has already entered the biological and medical development market, with orders received from first-class universities and hospitals.

The award of patents not only demonstrates that Time Medical has mastered the core techniques in manufacturing of superconducting magnets, it also implies the company has completely possessed independent intellectual property rights, and has broken the monopoly of core technology on ultra-high-field superconducting magnet by international corporations. With the “Chinese Core” in ultra-high-field superconducting MRI sector, China is capable of competing in global market.